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Jayne Baker, CNHP

Founder & President

Why we do this...

Momentum Lifestyle Consulting is located in the wellness-focused Water Street Tampa community.  Founded in 2011 by Jayne Baker, CNHP, the company was built on the cornerstone of three principles: Command the Mind, Nourish the Body, Love the Soul.  Jayne believes that change begins with each one of us, and that by changing ourselves, we change everything.  Having endured digestive issues throughout her youth and eventually maintaining a weight loss of 80 pounds was in part why she chose a career in natural health, in addition to losing her mother to breast cancer when she was a teenager.  Her vision for Momentum is to empower people to break the inertia of their lives by connecting the science of proper nutrition and good gut health with a mindset of self love, creating a positive ripple effect in the world.   


  In 2016,  Jayne furthered her education with the study of Nutritional Psychiatry, building upon her desire to help people balance their Gut-Brain connection.  She worked with the Momentum team to formulate their first product, OneZyme, a full- spectrum digestive enzyme supplement designed to promote healthy digestion, support weight loss and maximize the potential for mood elevation and increased energy.  Upon conclusive research and feedback, OneZyme received an endorsement from a Doctor of Cancer Research at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Florida.  In 2023, Momentum debuted an even more potent product called

ENS-Zyme, a plant-based digestive blend that eases stomach discomfort and works to support the Enteric Nervous System.  The product is currently involved in a clinical research trial to further prove the efficacy of digestive enzymes and their ability to positively impact the Gut-Brain axis.  


  Momentum is comprised of a small group of health care professionals with diverse backgrounds in wellness spanning thirty years and an Advisory Board boasting both Holistic and Medical Doctors as well as a Chemist.  Utilizing science-based data to ensure accuracy and achievement, Momentum has proudly implemented sustainable systems with measurable results for both individual and corporate clients around the nation, including the Fortune 500 company Jabil and various First Responder agencies.  A portion of all sales are donated to helping the Homeless and the First Responder Community.  

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