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Responder Lifestyle Monthly

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Thank you First Responders

We understand that as a First Responder you have a vastly different lifestyle with specific sets of needs,

and that's why we created the Responder Lifestyle Monthly Subscription. 

For only $12 per month, you'll have access to your own personal Nutritionist via email, giving you the guidance and support needed to help you reach your wellness goals, and removing the guesswork and time spent searching for answers.  Additionally, you'll receive weekly emails packed with evidence-based,

life-changing health information from trusted resources in the First Responder Community, access to exclusive discounts on products designed to meet your health needs, and the ability to participate

in monthly LIVE Webinars with special guests and health-inspired prizes valued at $100.  

Your time is precious, and you already do enough.  

We've got you covered. 

What's Inside...


Discover healthy ways to deal with stress and PTSD

Understand how to strengthen your gut for optimal mental wellness 

Empower yourself with positive thinking techniques


Experience private, on-going support via email with your own dedicated Nutritionist (typically $100 monthly)

Master the delicate balance of shift work and daily life

Release trapped/negative emotions utilizing substantiated methods from world renowned Specialists 

Get connected with Peer Support in your geographical location


Start sleeping better with clinically proven sleep strategies 

Reset your metabolism and start losing weight

Transform your nutrition with healthy, science-based eating and snacking habits (including recipes for all dietary types)

Learn how to naturally improve your cardiovascular function 

Balance your pH for more energy


Take control of your finances with tips from Financial Experts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on evidence-based, targeted support supplements

Participate in monthly Wellness Webinars with Live Q&A and prizes valued at $100

Whether you're a First Responder, Veteran, or just a person trying to live a better life, this will get you on the right track and keep you there.  Having the right information delivered to me has saved me invaluable time, and the support was outstanding. 

 Cold Case Detective, HCSO

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