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We believe that when you properly command your mind, nourish your body, and love your soul,

you are primed for living your best life,

 and that's exactly what we empower you to do. 

  Science is now proving that we get physiologically addicted in our cells and in our body to an emotion that we are receiving massive doses of.  The subconscious mind processes 40 billion bits of information per second, whereas the logical mind processes a mere 40 bits.  Trauma and pain are stored in our subconscious, leaving our logical brain wide open for a

stealthy attack, until we learn to command the mind.  


  A lack of essential nutrients and improper pH is known to contribute to the onset of poor mental health due to the fact that 90% of  Serotonin is produced in our gut.  Serotonin works by causing intestinal contractions which stimulate digestion, and if digestion is hindered, so too is our ability to produce that wonderful "feel good" chemical.  By adding a digestive enzyme supplement like ENS-Zyme, we are supporting our gut-brain connection and allowing our body to break down and absorb what we eat.

Therefore, it is crucial to our happiness that we nourish the body. 


  Spirituality and science meet as a powerhouse of healing when we love ourselves in a healthy way.  Letting go of the past, acceptance of what is, and an empowered attitude of gratitude are essential for prosperity.  The people and situations you allow into your space are equally as important as the foods you put into your body.  

This is the wisdom of loving your soul.


Scroll down to read some success stories

from happy clients,

and click here to view the case study

we conducted at the

Fortune 500 Company Jabil.

The recipes and recommendations helped me to succeed in making lasting lifestyle changes.  I've lost 16 lbs while committing to healthier eating habits.  This program works and has helped me turn my life around. 

-Mike O'Malley

The delivery of this plan is balanced and the foundation is well researched.  I felt supported every step of the way and learned so much about how my body functions on a basic scientific level. 

Bye bye stomach pain!


-Isabelle Roman

I loved the references to "The Compound Effect" as a way to help me slowly but surely achieve my goals! The ongoing encouragement I received throughout the process was invaluable, and my digestion has never been better. 

-Michelle Lynne

After trying many different digestive products over the years, I've finally found one that  works with both my budget and my body.  

ENS-Zyme is my go-to stomach companion!

-Jim Martin

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