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In-Depth Client Profile Analysis with Lifestyle Plan


Command the Mind


We help you to understand how your body works on a scientific level, which is the most effective way to strategically take action and change the things that aren’t working for you.

In an awake state, your brain resonates at a frequency of 25-100 hertz, whereas your body resonates around 7.5, making the statement “Mind Over Matter” very accurate. 

You'll learn manifestation techniques rooted in Quantum Physics, helping you to re-write the story that has been your life and create an entirely new one, with a special focus on gratitude and kindness.

We empower you to reprogram your subconscious mind, breaking the trauma bonds and releasing the physiological addiction within your cells, therefore helping you to abandon "the nightmare" and step into "the dream". 


Nourish the Body


A lack of essential nutrients and improper pH is known to contribute to the onset of poor mental health as 90% of Serotonin (your feel good chemical) is produced in your gut.   

We teach you how to achieve and maintain the proper acid/alkaline levels for optimal Serotonin production and increased oxygen in your brain, boosting your overall wellness. 

You'll experience relief from digestive pains and balance your precious Gut-Brain connection with the help of our Plant-Based Enzyme Formula. 


Love the Soul


Embracing yourself as you are, having acceptance for what is, and feeling more gratitude will be your path to unconditional self-love; your ultimate transformation tool.   

Via our products and services, you will be contributing to improving the lives of our Veterans and our Homeless brothers and sisters, making you a valuable member of our like-minded comminuty; The Influencers of Kindness. 


Four 30 Minute Lifestyle Consulting Sessions & Ongoing Email Support


Every two weeks, you will meet with your dedicated Lifestyle Consultant for a 30 minute Zoom Session to discuss goals, strategy and progress.  

You will have ongoing access to your Lifestyle Consultant via email during your entire process. 


Shipped to you after purchase:

  • One Bottle of ENS-Zyme (60ct)
  • One pH Test Kit (1000 tests)
  • One Box (30ct) of REM Sleep Gel Packets from our Partner Healthycell











    *Tailored Transformative Lifestyle Plan does not treat, prescribe, cure or diagnose health conditions.

    *We seek to help you balance, nourish and support your overall wellness. 

    Transformative Lifestyle (6 wks)

    SKU: TL26
      • Empower yourself with manifestation techniques rooted in Quantum Physics
      • Discover new ways to improve your Cardiovascular function and experience Heart-Brain Synchronization
      • Lower Inflammation in your body naturally 
      • Understand your pH and how to maintain it for optimal wellness
      • Achieve Gut-Brain Balance and strengthen your Digestive System
      • Reset your metabolism and lose weight the sustainable way
      • Break Trauma Bonds and feel unconditional self-love
      • Become a part of our like-minded community, The Influencers of Kindness
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