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BIG purpose

 A proper functioning digestive system paired with the correct pH of our body is the baseline to physical vitality and a healthy Gut-Brain connection.  Spiritual and mental wellness thrive when we are connected deeply to a purpose that moves us and a community that supports us.  Read the details below of how each month, this tiny little box will help to transform your life, and how you will help to transform the lives of others. 

The Enzymes

Known as the building blocks of life, enzymes are proteins composed of tiny organic molecules that speed up the chemical reactions and metabolism in our bodies. 

As we age, our naturally occurring enzymes decrease significantly, and without these precious catalysts, most metabolic reactions do not occur fast enough to sustain life. 

ENS-Zyme is Momentum's own plant-based digestive supplement, formulated with a complete range of enzymes.  Designed to support your Enteric Nervous System (second brain) by breaking down the food you eat for better absorption in your digestive tract, ENS-Zyme also soothes the pain associated with digestive disorders like acid reflux, gas and bloating.  

The Connection

As has been proven by Centurions living in Blue Zones, knowing your purpose and being connected to the "Right Tribe" are two of the factors that lead to a longer, more fulfilling life.  The Connection makes you a part of our like-minded community; The Influencers of Kindness.  Each month, a portion of your subscription fee will help to feed someone who is hungry, provide clothing to a homeless Veteran, and much more.  Via our social media, you'll get a deeper look at the positive impact that your contribution is making. 


The Test

Our "Speed of Life" can be measured by the pH (potential of hydrogen) in our body.  Too many hydrogen ions means less oxygen is available to our cells, resulting in higher acidity.  Increasing oxygen saturation at the cellular level reduces the risk of illness, as no known disease can survive in an alkaline state.  Additionally, the pH of our body determines what types and amounts of nutrients that we're able to absorb when we eat.  Our pH Test Kit allows you to check where you stand in real-time, giving you the opportunity to adjust and make changes as needed.  


The Gel

Restorative sleep is a must for basic biological functions, in addition to potentially increasing our longevity.  REM Sleep by Healthycell is the only all natural, non-habit-forming sleep supplement that supports all four stages of the sleep cycle and uses a MICROGEL technology delivery system.  


What Clients Are Saying

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