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Know Thyself

We help you understand your body on a scientific level and achieve

balanced holistic health with a special focus on your Gut-Brain connection,

the pathway between your Central Nervous System

and your Enteric Nervous System.

Read below to learn more about our science-based programs that include private

lifestyle consulting and our own plant-based enzyme blend ENS-Zyme, 

designed to ease digestive pains and nourish your Enteric Nervous System.

Additionally, when you work with us, you'll become

a part of our like-minded community; 

The Influencers of Kindness, as a portion of all proceeds are donated to

improving the lives of our Veterans and our Homeless. 

As you see this new life for yourself, we are excited to help you make it a reality!

Calorie Count

Transformative Lifestyle (6 wks)

Tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, you'll gain an entirely new understanding of your body on a scientific level as you are guided through the process of achieving balanced holistic health.  Click below to read the full details.

Slim young woman measuring her thin waist_edited.jpg

Body & Cell Reset (3 wks)

Designed to target candida and its disastrous side effects, this detox program will help to reset and refresh your entire body, allowing both your pancreas and thyroid to come back into balance more readily.  Click below to read the full details. 




Say goodbye to the pain associated with digestive imbalances and take control of your gut health with ENS-Zyme. 

This plant-based formula was designed to support your Enteric Nervous System by breaking down the food you eat for better absorption in your digestive tract, helping to balance your precious Gut-Brain connection.  Click below to read the full details.

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