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Jayne Baker CNHP

  Momentum Lifestyle Consulting is located in the wellness-focused Water Street Tampa community.    Founded in 2011 by Jayne Baker, CNHP, the company strives to promote a culture of kindness while enhancing the lives of people through three guiding principles:  Command the Mind, Nourish the Body, Love the Soul. 


  Jayne believes that life is happening for us rather than to us, and by embracing this concept we have the power to create what we desire.  Her personal experience with painful digestive issues and success maintaining an 80 lb weight loss with the help of enzymes is what prompted a career in natural wellness.  In 2016, she collaborated with the Momentum Advisory Board to develop OneZyme, a unique enzyme supplement aimed at supporting healthy digestion.  Upon conclusive research and feedback, OneZyme received an endorsement from a Doctor of Cancer Research at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.  In 2023, Momentum debuted an even more potent formula; ENS-Zyme, a plant-based, full-spectrum blend of enzymes that eases digestive pain and works to support the Enteric Nervous System, also known as the second brain.  The product is currently involved in a clinical research trial to further prove the efficacy of enzymes and their ability to positively impact the Gut-Brain axis. 

  Momentum has proudly implemented sustainable wellness systems with measurable results for both individual and corporate clients around the nation, including the Fortune 500 company Jabil and various First Responder agencies.  Drawing on quantum physics, Jayne teaches mindfulness and manifestation techniques that lead to profound personal transformation and renewed holistic health.  Inclusive subscription programs were designed to address specific imbalances within the body and  foster a strong sense of purpose, as a portion of all proceeds are donated to improving the lives of the less fortunate.  




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