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Dream Building with Dwight Schrute

Updated: Sep 16, 2023



If you've ever watched The Office, you may recall the episode titled "The Job" where Jim and Dwight have a wonderful conversation about Dwight's dream job, which is to co-manage the Hotel Hell with Satan, making a cushy 80K per year. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Schrute, but this statement got me thinking about the way that some people dream build, and it's not far off. I remember years ago before I knew anything about creating my own reality I would, much like Dwight, limit my dream building, if you could even call it that. It didn't seem real to me that I could potentially create a life where I would receive everything I wanted, especially when there were months that I could barely pay my rent! Growing up we never had much money, and my mother definitely had a taste for the finer things despite not being able to afford them. I spent many Saturdays by her side, dressed in our finest, going to open houses for homes we absolutely couldn't afford to live in. She would bring a notepad and pen with her, walk from room to room, and write down where she would put things if we lived there. I never understood this, and when I finally asked her what she was doing, her response was simply "Jayne, if you really want something in life, you've got to place yourself there and feel what it would be like to have it." It would be years until I finally understood what she was really doing, dream building! I'd love to tell you that the first time I read the book The Secret I was hooked, but it was quite the opposite, I thought it was total rubbish! It just didn't make sense me to that our thoughts could actually create our reality, because if that was the case, why was I often left with the short end of the stick? I thought I was a positive person and yet my life reflected the opposite. Broken relationships with people, a sad bank account balance, poor health, and a compulsive need to control everything. It wasn't until I started watching programs about Quantum Physics, a topic that had always fascinated me even as a child, that my analytical, skeptic brain could embrace the idea that 'like attracts like". This concept finally empowered me into the drivers seat of my own life and I made the change, but it came with something I was not prepared for, massive accountability for my choices up to that point. It had been much easier to be a victim for years, believing that life was happening to me versus for me. When I shifted my thinking and began to take ownership of everything, including the really awful things I didn't want to face, my life transformed. I started small, like trying to manifest parking spaces when I would go somewhere. In time, I successfully manifested bigger things like living abroad, traveling whenever I wanted to, a very happy bank account balance, starting my own business, and most importantly, the ability to selflessly and without regret give to others. The trick to it all seemed to come from one singular place, gratitude. This wonderful emotion holds such a high vibrational frequency and can actually shift the tiny (quantum) particles of energy in your favor, as it becomes entangled with the vibrational frequency of the positive reality which you desire. I was never a person of faith, I was that annoying kid always asking why a thing happened and needed the data to prove it. The more I began to understand Quantum Physics, the more my faith grew. Ask believing and you shall receive, or in other words, feel gratitude for that which you know you already have and it will appear. So how can you apply this in your life? Start by dreaming BIG. You can have so much more than co-managing the Hotel Hell, you can truly have it all. What have you got to lose from aiming high and believing that you're capable of attaining all that you desire? Select your thoughts just as you would select what to wear or what to eat. Remember that life is happening for you, not to you. Feel worthy and love yourself, believe that you are a powerful creator of your own reality, and always stay gratuitous. You are limitless! Below are some of my favorite books that helped me along my journey of creation. I hope you will find them as enlightening as I have.

  • The Power of Now

  • The Prophet

  • Conversations with God (entire series)

  • Illusions

  • Journey of Souls

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  • The Four Agreements

  • Quantum Healing

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

  • You Are The Universe

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